• Government Solutions that Are Not Readily Available In Every Community
  • Challenges Associated with War Trauma
  • Veteran and Military Family Isolation
  • Military and Veteran Caregiver Knowledge and Fatigue
  • Housing and Homelessness
  • Unique Individual and Family Challenges
  • Crisis Prevention for At Risk Populations
  • Epidemic of Disconnection
  • Veteran Unemployment and Underemployment
  • The Transition Unknown

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Many organizations across the nation work with Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services. As a center providing leadership, tested solutions, research, and training Dixon Center is dedicated to helping organizations and communities improve the quality of life of veterans and military families.

At Dixon Center, we believe our veterans and military families can succeed where they live. Our mission is to ensure that's possible in every community. We work to break down barriers, drive a new conversation about the potential of our veterans, engage organizations and communities so veterans and military families can connect with what they need for meaningful employment, education, and overall wellness where they live.  We do this by:

· Bringing together people, resources and expertise to assist our strategic partner network innovate, transform and expand services by leveraging funding, service and partnership opportunities.

· Fostering, strengthening and expanding community-based connections to harness local supports and services for veterans and their families.

· Acting as a recognized and visible network and voice for military and veterans services we create opportunities while advocating on behalf of our veterans and their families.

Our national credibility and community-based outreach – spans more than 600 communities across all 50 States – providing an unmatched resource and support network for over one million veterans and military families since 2010. Our strategic partners specialize in identifying the needs of veterans and military families and delivering those services to assure productive, successful lives.

Organizations, public and private, seek out Dixon Center to provide relevant, objective, and trusted counsel to increase their national impact at the community level. Collectively, Dixon Center has worked with thousands of organizations and passionate individuals who want to connect solutions and tools to veterans and military families in need of education, meaningful employment, and wellness.

Research and Consulting: Dixon Center’s work includes local, regional and national analysis to identify community based organizations that assist veterans and their families in improving quality of life in the areas of Health & Wellness, Employment, and Education. We provide research and consulting services to better understand the evolving needs of the veteran and military communities and identify effective solutions on connecting programs and services to address those specific needs. Dixon Center has become the leading, go-to resource for organizations and individuals seeking timely and relevant advice regarding Local and Federal Government Interactions, Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, and Public-Private partnerships. We provide consulting and research services in the following areas:

a. Workforce Development & Employment Support

b. Veteran Entrepreneur Opportunities & Initiatives

c. Credentialing & Education

d. Non-Profit Organization Evaluation & Analysis

e. National to Community Military & Veteran Needs Assessments

f. Organizational/Corporate Culture Analysis/Assessment

g. Veteran Health & Wellness Resources

Currently, some of our partners include leaders in the fields of logistics, transportation, finance, health services, infrastructure, public service, real estate, insurance, retail and commercial sales, and entertainment.

The American Red Cross contacted the Dixon Center Community OneSource in Southern Ohio on behalf of a local woman, with a heartbreaking story, asking for assistance from Operation Veterans THRIVE. The caller cared for her orphaned nephew, a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, as if he was her own son. After an honorable discharge, the young man returned to Afghanistan as a civilian contractor educating Afghan security forces. A month before he was scheduled to return home to see his newborn son, he was killed by a suicide bomber. Even though his aunt served as his surrogate mother, neither the Army nor the civilian company for whom he worked for would provide her with travel assistance to attend the funeral.

While numerous organizations have been established to assist veterans and their families, these organizations usually restrict assistance to immediate family members. Although she had stepped into the role of mother, the veteran’s aunt was technically ineligible to obtain financial assistance.

Community OneSource personnel contacted more than 30 organizations in an attempt to obtain financial assistance, but it seemed as if no one could help. Finally, Community OneSource Specialists found a local organization that provided financial travel assistance. The week following the funeral, she called Community OneSource to express her gratitude and to let them know that the funeral service was beautiful and provided her with some small measure of solace.

Ms. S came to Dixon Center and their partner Easterseals New York (ESNY) at the end of April 2015 as a homeless Army veteran living in a shelter with her 15 month old son. She didn't have any clothing except for what she was wearing and was in dire need of our support services. An ESNY case manager referred Ms. S for housing, legal counseling, mental health counseling, and clothing. After working with Dixon Center and ESNY, Ms. S was able to secure part-time employment with Universal Solutions as a customer service representative.

Tanika is the spouse of a military veteran. She has been with her husband, a marine veteran since high school. Throughout the years, she has supported him through Marine Corps boot camp, one combat deployment in Iraq, and through a long healing process after he was wounded in action in 2004. Since his injury, Tanika has financially supported the family while her husband stayed at home with their two daughters. When Tanika’s husband started receiving employment support from Dixon Center, she expressed her gratitude for “putting him out there.” The Dixon Center Military and Veterans Services team and their partner Easterseals Southern California prepared him for interviews, provided resume tailoring, and assisted him in developing communication skills for the workforce. Since her husband started meaningful employment in March 2014, almost 10 years from his injury, Tanika has enjoyed spending more time with their daughters. For the support she received through the Dixon Center and their partnership with Easterseals Southern California’s Military and Veterans Services, Tanika said, “I really have no words to express how grateful I am…thank you.”

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