Since 2012, our priority has been to establish meaningful, cross-connected relationships in communities across the United States. We do this not by creating new programs, but by integrating military and veterans services into existing programs to create impact.

PwC Charitable Foundation

When Colonel David Sutherland presented the 2017 Eugene and Ruth Freedman Leadership Award to Frank Gaudio of the PwC Charitable Foundation, he stressed that there was still much to be done.

Gaudio, the Foundation’s trustee and veterans’ liaison, reflected on the more than 200,000 service members who transition out of the military annually and highlighted the need to enable them to be economically empowered through living wage careers.

The PwC Charitable Foundation awarded the Center a four-year grant with a focus on training those seeking careers that require a credential rather than a college degree. What attracted Gaudio to the Center’s work is its emphasis on supporting veterans before they exit the military – setting up a guaranteed path to job training and placement.

The workplace development programs supported by the PwC Charitable Foundation are only a jumping-off point. The Foundation has embarked on an ambitious initiative to strengthen the results of myriad disciplines in the veterans’ space through resource- and information-sharing. The Center works alongside of the Foundation to share best practices and bridge gaps between the Foundation’s 10 charitable veterans organizations – work that will eliminate redundancy and ultimately increase impact.


Assistance for Female Veterans: Stories of Hope



An Army veteran going through a “stressful time of need” reached out for assistance during her eviction process.


Dixon Center provided funds for her to keep her apartment and assist her family.


“My family and I are now able to sleep good at night without worrying about being homeless.”


This crisis intervention program recognizes the unique financial challenges female veterans face in creating stable, fulfilling lives for themselves and their families as they reintegrate into civilian life.

We believe that the best resources for finding solutions to the challenges that veterans and their families face are found in their local communities, and we work actively to connect female veterans in need to those resources. Once referral sources have been exhausted, we consider a one-time grant of direct financial assistance if the female veteran is at imminent risk of homelessness or lack of employment.

This assistance is not only about stabilizing emergency situations. An equally important goal is to move the female veteran and her family to crisis prevention, rather than crisis intervention.

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