Tanika is the spouse of a military veteran. She has been with her husband, a marine veteran since high school. Throughout the years, she has supported him through Marine Corps boot camp, one combat deployment in Iraq, and through a long healing process after he was wounded in action in 2004. Since his injury, Tanika has financially supported the family while her husband stayed at home with their two daughters. When Tanika’s husband started receiving employment support from Dixon Center, she expressed her gratitude for “putting him out there.” The Dixon Center Military and Veterans Services team and their partner Easterseals Southern California prepared him for interviews, provided resume tailoring, and assisted him in developing communication skills for the workforce. Since her husband started meaningful employment in March 2014, almost 10 years from his injury, Tanika has enjoyed spending more time with their daughters. For the support she received through the Dixon Center and their partnership with Easterseals Southern California’s Military and Veterans Services, Tanika said, “I really have no words to express how grateful I am…thank you.”

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