The nation’s almost 20 million veterans have myriad programs to aid in their success – from wellness to housing to financial aid. But this breadth belies its weakness. The sheer volume (close to 44,000 private groups and hundreds of government programs) can be overwhelming to navigate, and only a small percentage of these groups are connected to each other.

That’s the role that Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services plays – serving as the connective thread to break down barriers and connect individuals and organizations with easily accessible solutions that veterans and military families need to access meaningful employment, education, housing, and wellness. 

What is Dixon Center’s mission and guiding values?

Since 2012, Dixon Center’s team of experts have been helping communities, organizations, and individuals find strategic, practical solutions for the most challenging issues facing today’s veterans and military families. Our national network of community-based programs represents the best grassroots solutions. We know what is working and which programs are not. As a result, Dixon Center is the “go-to” resource for employers, educators, wellness providers, certification and training institutions, service-minded individuals, and those who want veterans to reach their potential and participate fully in their communities.

We believe our veterans and military families can succeed where they live. We also believe that every organization and individual can effectively integrate veterans and their families into existing community-based programs. Our mission is to ensure both are possible in every locality across the United States. There is a sea of goodwill that exists in our country’s DNA when it comes to veterans and their families. The American people want to assist, they simply may not be sure how to because they may not know who veterans are.

What exactly does Dixon Center do?

We provide advisory services to communities, organizations, and individuals so they can effectively support veterans and their families, where they live, across the nation. Our team of advisers offer expert, independent, timely, candid, and unbiased input so that organizations across the country can create or expand their programs and services in functions critical to empowering veterans and military families. 

Our programs currently fall within five functions:

Workforce Development and Career Placement

Housing Solutions

Wellness Research and Development

Expanding funding streams for veteran entrepreneurs

Advancing impact via service networks

Our outside points of view will kick-start critical conversations and move beyond decision-making dead ends. We help communities, organizations, and individuals gain fresh insight, leading to innovative solutions for both complex and routine challenges facing veterans’ program development.

Our goal is not to create new programs. Rather, the goal is to enable the integration of military and veteran services into existing programs and groups in order to increase impact.

It works. Since inception, our collaboration has impacted 1.4 million individuals and organizations.


Together, we are reaching America’s veterans and military families.