The Sea of Goodwill is alive and well. It is an attitude across our nation where the American people are concerned and interested in assisting our veterans and their families. It is part of our national DNA. The American people want to help but sometimes they’re just not sure how.

This is where Dixon Center comes in. Dixon Center is a “go to” resource for thousands of organizations, communities and like-minded individuals that want to assist veterans and their families reach their potential and participate fully in their communities. Given our ongoing endeavors visiting and working with hundreds of communities, meeting with tens of thousands of veterans and their families, as well as assisting thousands of organizations - Dixon Center understands the grassroots, community-based solutions that are working, and those that are not.

As a thought leader, Dixon Center is a trusted source of information, motivation, inspiration. We inspire people with innovative ideas, turn ideas into reality, and know and show how to replicate practical solution success. Over time, we have created a dedicated group of friends, fans, and followers. We help them replicate and scale their ideas into sustainable change - not just in one company but in an industry, niche, or across an entire ecosystem.

Over the past several years, our national network of community-based organizations and programs has expanded to include a myriad support organizations and agencies - governmental, non-governmental, benevolent, faith-based, community, business, healthcare providers, and higher education. We have assisted thousands of service providers. With our expertise we assist organizations as they innovate, transform, and expand services. These programs include organizations like Hope for the Warriors, Veterans4Warriors, Soldier On, Justice for Vets, Bunker Labs, VeteransPlus, Easterseals, the USO – Pathfinder, the Cohen Veterans Network, and scores of others that are successfully impacting those who have served, as well as their families.

Civic organizations - like the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Utility Workers Union of America, International Elevator Constructors Union, Pipefitters, University and College systems, the Texas Veterans Commission, and many others - rely on Dixon Center’s unique positioning as a cultural and economic bellwether in the veteran and military families space.

Dixon Center is providing advice and assistance to hundreds of national, state, and local professional associations like the Society for Human Resource Management, APICS Supply Chain Management, Building Trades Association, Osteopathic Associations, National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, and others. Our information and influence are fostering, strengthening, and expanding their reach and support.

Dixon Center is also assisting corporations and businesses across the nation. Our trusted advice and counsel are providing unique solutions to find and focus on veterans and their families. Dixon Center has worked with thousands of organizations who want to connect solutions and tools to veterans and military families in education, employment, wellness, and housing. These organizations span all industries including: aerospace, agriculture, communications, construction, education, defense, energy, financial services, health care, hospitality, information, manufacturing, mass media, transport, and the water industry.

Created from an idea originating in the Pentagon, the leadership of Dixon Center is a trusted advisor to current and former senior government officials in the Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs, Labor, Housing and Urban Development - as well as the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of our government. Given that Dixon Center is acting as a recognized and visible network and voice for military and veteran’s services, we create opportunities while advocating on behalf of our veterans and their families.

Dixon Center’s thought leadership has been providing an unmatched resource and support network for over one million veterans and military families since 2010.

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