A Message from Our Chairman


The fast-changing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has disrupted all of our lives. As with past crises, individuals are changing their habits and communities are standing together, helping one another and closely following the guidance of the CDC and local, state and federal health authorities.

At Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services, we will continue to be the 24/7 beacon that our partners and those we impact can continue to rely on and seek out.Due to the geographically disbursed structure of our Center of Excellence, we intend to continue operations unabated.We continue to coordinate closely with The Fedcap Group and assist in addressing those most vulnerable to the effects of the COVID-19 virus and the impacts of disruptions to our daily way of life.

Many of our veterans and their family members are included in these vulnerable groups: those older than 60, those with weakened immune systems, those with underlying pulmonary conditions. We will work with donors and partner organizations fill the gaps in capability and capacity caused by this pandemic. The crushing isolation many veterans face on a daily basis may be further aggravated by the circumstances of social distancing that is required to limit the advance of this new virus.

Some resources you may use to minimize the impact on you and your family.

We are honored to serve our nation's veterans and those touched by military service.Together we will persevere through this challenge and come out of it stronger, united, and more dedicated to our work ensuring veterans and their families can lead healthy, vibrant lives in their communities.

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Thursday, 13 May 2021