In our 10 November 2020 eNewsletter, A Veterans Day Message: Wired to Serve, Colonel Sutherland described the capacity for greatness that lives in our veterans. Therefore, we believe that all our veterans and their families can succeed where they live.

At Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services we have a noble purpose to make the lives of our veterans and their families better. We understand that once veterans get started, they're going to thrive. They have tremendous potential. Give them some backup in a tight spot and they will be contributing members of their communities—now and for years to come.

That said, life happens, and events can lead to isolation and loneliness. It can be devastating.

Some of our veterans fall prey to depression and addiction, underemployment and ultimately, possibly homelessness. Not immediately but perhaps throughout their lives.

With your support we will achieve our vision to meet the unique needs of all veterans who have served our country—from World War II and Korea, to Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, Combat veterans and non-combat veterans. In supporting them, since 2012, our collaboration and capacity building has impacted nearly 2.1 million individuals and organizations.

Please consider Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services in your Veterans Day charitable giving. Here are ways to donate to our mission:

  • Host a fundraiser on Facebook or Instagram and invite your friends to learn about and support Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services.

No gift is too small, and your contribution goes a long way toward enabling veterans and their families to succeed where they live.