Advocates React To Our 10 Year Retrospective

As part of our anniversary we have published our 10 Year Retrospective. In this document we share our 10 years of work making the lives of our veterans and their families better. Reactions have been inspiring:

“The Retrospective has captured the essence of our work across 3 work pillars, 13 programs, and 356 projects over the past 10 years.” – David Sutherland, Chairman, Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services

“Spot on.” – Retired Army Colonel Tim Karcher

“This is wonderful tribute to the Center’s many years of hard work.” – Jim Williams, former Easterseals Inc. CEO and President

“Great job putting this booklet together. Very informative.” – John Anderson, 2021 Herbert Metzger Service Award Recipient. 

“Very impressive and I know you are proud.” – Retired Army Colonel John Woodward

“Inciteful.” – Brian Hull, Dixon Center Command Council Member

This July 13thDixon Center for Military and Veterans Services will celebrate 10 years of impact.

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