Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services

There are nearly 11 million organizations across all sectors of American society. If they all include military veterans and their families as employees, students, recipients of services and supports – those touched by military service will thrive. As a nation, we can’t rely on a small number of veteran serving organizations and government. It takes a whole of society approach. The good news is that there is no lack of will on the part of the American public. They want to help but they may not be sure how.

This is where Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services comes in—we are a resource for individuals, organizations, and communities interested in the long-term wellbeing of veterans and their families. We use our influence, ideas, and actions to assist other organizations, who in turn integrate veterans and their families into their local activities. These organizations transform the lives of service members, veterans, and their families, ensuring they reach their full potential.

We work with organizations from all sectors of society – public, private, social, and civic. We provide and coordinate technical assistance/ training, resource sharing, and strong leadership for our partners, who, with our ongoing support share our noble purpose: to make the lives of veterans and their families better.


We Listen  We know that the needs of our veterans are evolving, not disappearing.

We Collaborate  We believe that every organization and individual can effectively integrate veterans and their families into their existing community-based programs.

We Adapt  We know that every veteran, military member, and their families are unique, and we respect and honor their differences by remaining flexible in our response.

We Respond  We work with others to develop and deploy solutions before problems become a crisis.

We Persevere  We know the importance of never giving up on our veterans and their families to ensure they reach their full potential.

We are Transparent  We are disciplined in our fiscal responsibility, with regular disclosures about financial and operational performance and impact.


Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services is uniquely positioned as a proactive partner. By leveraging our expertise in creating a national network and utilizing our knowledge and resources, we have proven our ability to meet and address the critical, evolving needs of veterans and their families.  

There are many wonderful organizations doing great work to help veterans. Our role is to streamline the various services, not by creating new programs, but assisting local communities and national networks integrate veterans and their families into existing programs. As the capacity builder, we collaborate with other like-minded organizations to implement solutions at the community level. 

Through with our influences, ideas and actions: 

We maintain low overhead by leveraging the enterprise-wide systems, processes and infrastructure of The Fedcap Group, our parent organization. 

We decrease program launch time as we are nimble and resilient. Our focus and time are entirely dedicated to utilizing our resources and bringing partners together to address the evolving, relevant needs of our veterans and their families. 

We mitigate brand and reputational risk through our due diligence process so as not to impugn our reputation or that of our partners.  

We increase impact for veterans and families both within The Fedcap Group’s agencies and throughout our external network of community, regional and national partners.  Since 2012, our collaboration and capacity building has impacted more than 2.8 million individuals and organizations.