Our History

“Dixon Center has defined the American model of excellence for the successful reintegration of our veterans and military families. From their tireless work in the Pentagon to the emergence of Dixon Center, the leadership inspires and encourages all of us to break down the silos and never forget to put veterans and their need first.”

Admiral Michael Mullen, U.S. Navy (Retired),
17th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

During his tenure as the 17th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, identified a desire by the American people to want to assist returning service members, from Iraq and Afghanistan, veterans from all wars, military families, and families of the fallen. He refers to it as “The Sea of Goodwill”.

The recognition of the Sea of Goodwill lead to the creation of the Pentagon’s Office of Warrior and Family Support, to harness the Sea of Goodwill. This office was the point for the JCS in coordinating the initiative throughout communities to align the myriad of support organizations/agencies – governmental, non-governmental, benevolent, faith- based, business and higher education in a collaborative effort to enable veterans and their families.

Many of the white papers created in the Office of Warrior and Family Support served as the foundation during Dixon Center’s formative years helped shape the core themes behind Dixon Center.

The office created a sounding board and due diligence for the creation of a “Center” – outside of DoD – to be a resource for those wanting to support veterans and their families but aren’t sure how. A place to extend the reach of support for the Sea of Goodwill beyond the Pentagon to the nation.

Over two years, the leadership of the Office of Warrior and Family Support visits 300 communities and meets with thousands of individuals and organizations. This proof of principle becomes the foundation for a “Center” – a team, shared facility and entity that provides leadership, advocacy, innovative solutions, research, support and training to other entities focusing on improving veterans and military families quality of life.

Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services was dedicated during a ceremony on 13 July 2012 as a program in Easter Seals, Inc. We put into practice our focus on four actions:

  • Informing and influencing tens of thousands of organizations and individuals wanting to find and focus on veterans and their families – employment, education & training, wellness, affordable housing.
  • Bringing together people, resources, and expertise to build capacity through partners.
  • Fostering, strengthening, and expanding community-based connections to veterans.
  • Acting as a recognized and visible network and voice for military and veteran services.

In 2017, after five very successful years, Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services divested from Easterseals, Inc. and joined The Fedcap Group. The Fedcap Group, a global network of top-tier nonprofit agencies, serves as the chassis for Dixon Center and as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, provides our back-office support and serves as our parent organization.

We continue to partner with organizations across the nation to develop, operate and sustain programs for veterans and their families.