Heal With Honor

“Dixon Center provided training and ideas to organizations who assisted me with my credit repair and in buying my home, and who care about me and my family.”

Jennifer Grubb, Army National Guard Veteran

No question, some veterans face tough challenges— some a result of trauma. America has seen an epidemic of veterans dying by suicide, a sharp rise in opioid addiction, and other serious health issues impacting those touched by military service.

But Dixon Center rejects the narrative of the broken veteran.

Our emphasis is on the positive. We are working with organizations able to support veterans to heal with honor. We partner with local and national organizations to help them find and focus on the overall well-being of veterans and their families. We help them develop programs that work, making them even more impactful.

Focusing on Wellness


Dixon Center has been building a national network of community- based programs, and learning, which grassroot solutions are working, and which ones are not. As a result, Dixon Center is the “go-to” resource for service-minded individuals, organizations, donors, and those who want veterans to reach their potential and participate fully in their communities. Collectively, Dixon Center has worked with more than 700 communities, 30,000 organizations and thousands of like-minded individuals that want to connect solutions, resources and tools to veterans and military families that they may need in education, meaningful employment, and wellness.

Click Here to learn more about four of Dixon Center’s 44 projects where we have identified and validated solutions that are working for veterans and their families.

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At Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services, we believe wellness is conscious, self-directed and evolving; holistic and multidimensional; positive and affirming; and inclusive. It’s about services and programs that focus on the eight dimensions of wellness; spiritual, financial, emotional, physical, environmental, social, intellectual, and occupational.

Emotional Wellness​

Leveraging community-based organizations, we share resources and solutions that help them integrate veterans into their programs to help veterans and their families cope effectively with life and create satisfying relationships.

Click Here to learn more about seven of Dixon Center’s nine projects focused on emotional wellness.

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Financial Wellness​

Working with institutions, departments, agencies, and nonprofits, we help them find and focus on veterans and their families, so they achieve satisfaction with their current and future financial situation.

Click Here to learn more about some of Dixon Center’s projects focused on financial wellness.

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Social Wellness​

Building capacity with direct-service providers and assisting them in sustaining programs that increase outreach, resulting in veterans achieving a sense of connection, belonging and a well-developed support system.

Click Here to learn more about five of Dixon Center’s 13 projects focused on social wellness.

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Spiritual Wellness​

Assisting organizations, athletics & recreation programs, and facilities to integrate veterans and their families to expand a sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Click Here to learn more about five of Dixon Center’s 16 projects focused on spiritual wellness.

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Occupational Wellness​

Working with employers, Dixon Center provides actions to expand veterans diversity and including in the workplace, resulting in veterans achieving personal satisfaction and enrichment derived from their work.

Click Here to learn more about nine of Dixon Center’s 72 projects focused on occupational wellness.

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Physical Wellness​

Enabling healthcare providers and developing technology to increase access to quality healthcare as well as access and control of their own comprehensive health/medical information. Additionally, utilizing initiatives that will establish research, legislation, funding and a voice for veterans struggling with the effects of toxic exposure, hearing loss, and visual impairment. The result is increased physical activity, diet, sleep and nutrition.

Click Here to learn more about six of Dixon Center’s 31 projects focused on physical wellness.

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Intellectual Wellness​

Assisting educators, institutions, and training facilities to create opportunities for veterans and their families so they improve their creative abilities and finding ways to expand their knowledge and skills.

Click Here to learn more about five of Dixon Center’s 32 projects focused on intellectual wellness.

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Environmental Wellness

Working with communities to address basic needs assistance for at risk veterans facing difficulties to ensure they live in good health by occupying environments that support their overall well-being.

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