Spiritual Wellness

Dixon Center has been recognized by Starbucks, HBO and Chase, co-sponsors of the Concert for Valor, for outstanding service and support of veterans and their families.  As co-sponsors of the event, Starbucks, HBO and Chase provide a national stage for ensuring that veterans and their families know that their fellow Americans’ gratitude is genuine. 

Service Before Self Podcast: The podcast’s name, Service Before Self, recognizes the commitment demonstrated by veterans and their families during their military service as well as their potential as they reintegrate back into their communities when military service ends.
National Salute to Americas Heroes Presented by Hyundai: Dixon Center provides advice, consultation, built partnerships and assisted with connecting National Salute to donors and supporters.

High Impact Engagements: The Center’s leadership pursues hundreds of opportunities to build public awareness, encourage community involvement, and promote the use of community-based services across service-minded organizations.

eNewsletter: Dixon Center’s Bugler is published weekly to share with our audience an efficient and effective way to cut through the bluster and more often than not help veterans see new meaningful ways to cut through the bluster and more often than not help them achieve a sense of purpose and meaning in life that they can have in a meaningful way.