Work With Purpose

“Dixon Center influenced the development of a career skills
program that was the cornerstone of my successful transition.”
Mike Leverton, Army Veteran.

Work with Purpose— Creating pathways to careers where veterans earn a family wage and have affordable healthcare and benefits. Careers that allow veterans to set and meet their future goals.

Employment for veterans isn’t about finding a job. The problem is underemployment—not having enough work or enough pay or being in a job below what they are qualified for.

Nearly a third of job-seeking veterans are in this situation. Many live paycheck to paycheck.  Dixon Center creates opportunities for them to find careers and develop the skills and the responsibility they enjoyed in the military.

Dixon Center has impacted individuals and organizations, getting veterans trained, hired, and started on meaningful careers.

That’s work with purpose—by assisting employers and educators with technical assistance. This work results in enabling veterans to support themselves and their families in a career that pays a family wage.

Workforce Development and Career Placement

Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services is a proven leader in assisting organizations in recruiting, integrating, training, and retaining veterans and their families into their workforce. Dixon Center and our partners have been instrumental to the expanding efforts to provide career-specific training across the country. Dixon Center has ensured that these programs provide a pathway into the middle class and ensured a level playing field with civilian counterparts.

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Veteran Entrepreneurship

Working with Financial Institutions and Community Development Financial Institutions, Dixon Center has assisted in the access to capital for veteran entrepreneurs in at-risk communities. This includes supporting large banks and their partner CDFI efforts as they expand and refine outreach and access activities for veterans.

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