Black Veterans for Social Justice

The most effective solutions to the evolving needs of veterans and their families start at the community-level, and an organization that exemplifies the spirit and impact of community-based organizations is Black Veterans for Social Justice (BVSJ) in New York City.  Founded in 1979, by veterans from WWII to Vietnam, who saw their fellow veterans and their families struggling to find services and support. Now they are a 400-person organization that owns or coordinates services in over 1200 units of community-based housing, operate nine homeless shelters throughout New York City, assist veterans reentering the workforce as a Homeless Veteran Reintegration Program grantee, and on top of all that, they provide over 2,000 meals a week to veterans and their families facing food insecurity. Recently, Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services toured BVSJ’s facilities in Brooklyn and met with their staff—a group that is passionate and committed to serving veterans and their families.

It was also great opportunity to connect with BVSJ’s CEO and President, Wendy McClinton and discuss ways to collaborate in our shared purpose of making the lives of veterans and their families better.Collaboration with organizations like BVSJ is an example of Dixon Center’s third pillar, Live with Hope. Live with Hope encompasses our work with local and national partners to prevent veterans from becoming homeless or in providing affordable housing solutions. What’s more, our network of partners strives to address the housing needs of veterans and their families by creating a community of support. These include support for food security, safe housing, public health, and crisis relief.With this national network, we are giving veterans an opportunity—an opportunity for them and their families to reach their full potential. Learn more about our work here and contact Colonel (Ret.) Sam Whitehurst at

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Supporting Our Partners

“Dixon Center has been a great supporter and partner of Soldier On for over a decade in our shared mission of ending veteran homelessness. We