Dixon Center Command Council National Network

Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services is advancing our national network by leveraging our Command Council.  “Today, I’d like to welcome our command council to our routine 2023 update and review.” announced our Chairman, David Sutherland, during our Dixon Center Command Council virtual review, on 27 April 2023. “We regularly attempt to update you on our nearly 60 projects that we are executing quarterly, and the projects we are assessing, planning, and evaluating outcomes. This year we’re on track to successfully achieve balance with our most important resources: people, time, and money.”Dixon Center Command Council serves as an advisory board. The members work with our leadership and provide advice on matters that directly concern programs and fundraising efforts.“All the members of our Command Council are passionate advocates for veterans and their families, as well as staunch supporters of Dixon Center. They empower us as we expand our reach and national network.”  – Retired USMC Colonel Duncan Milne, President.

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“Our nation owes an eternal debt of gratitude for their sacrifice and that of their families”. – Sara Heidenheimer, Program & Administrative Manager, Dixon Center for