Holiday Basic Needs Assistance

Due to increased inflation and the pandemic, the end of 2021 gave Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services the opportunity to double-down on our goal that all veterans and their families succeed in the communities where they live. Building upon the success of our Women Veterans Program, and with the support of our donors, we expanded that program during the holidays to address the Basic Needs of veterans in different areas across the country. Allow us to use this forum to recognize our command council who specifically stepped up and provided funding to ensure that nearly 100 veterans and their families had a safe, secure, and warm place to live and celebrate the holidays. They were able to live with hope. As a resource for individuals and organizations interested in the long-term wellbeing of our veterans and their families, we were able to provide basic needs where they were requested so veterans and their families could enjoy their holidays. As our Chairman always says, and you can see from the attached quotes from a few of the veterans we assisted: “Well done is better than well said.”
If you would like to learn more about our Holiday Basic Needs grants focus to support opportunities to include veterans and their families in your existing programs contact our VP of Programs and Services, Colonel Sam Whitehurst at

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