Jan-Feb Heal with Honor Update

At the end of 2022, Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services led a convening of likeminded organizations that have embraced the eight dimensions of wellness (spiritual, environmental, occupational, physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and financial).  Through their focus on enhancing the well-being of veterans and their families, they are reducing the isolation and disconnection that burdens many who have served and is often a precursor to the tragedy of death by suicide.

(from L to R: Rick Passarelli, UMAP; Eric Stetson, FourBlock; Joshua Zabler, Vets4Warriors; Erin Lester, Hope for the Warriors; Tina Atherall, PsychArmor; Derric Brown, Dept. of VA; Sam Whitehurst, Dixon Center; Chris Fitzpatrick, VeteransPlus; Damion Cook, K9s for Warriors

As a result of this collaboration, and together with our partner, Angel Force USA we have formed a coalition of veteran organizations.  This coalition will visit communities across the country over the next year, raising awareness, listening, learning, and increasing our understanding of the impact of suicide in these communities.  Our goal is to learn what approaches are working, where there are gaps, and to share solutions that will enhance the lives of veterans and their families.

Stay tuned to the Bugler in the coming weeks as we finalize dates and locations. To learn more about being part of solutions to ensure that veterans and their families “Heal with Honor,” contact Colonel (Ret.) Sam Whitehurst, Vice President of Programs and Services at Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services.   

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