Marking 10 yrs of Support from Metzger Foundation

Because of Dixon Center, untold numbers of veterans and their families lead productive and successful lives.”– Carolyn and Herbert Metzger Foundation

The Carolyn and Herbert Metzger Foundation has once again stood up for our veterans, with its recent renewal of support to Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services.  As a World War II veteran, Herbert Metzger recognized the unique and evolving needs of veterans. For over 10 years, through their Foundation, Herbert and his wife, Carolyn, have dedicated resources to addressing these needs to Dixon Center. This continued support has allowed us to build out several of our workforce development programs and allocate more resources to our health and wellness initiatives.Carolyn and Herbert Metzger committed to living a purpose driven life, both by their words and deeds. Today, their three daughters follow the example of their parents and maintain their legacy of generosity. The Foundation’s partnership ensures Dixon Center is a “go to” resource for all who are part of our network and who join us in our noble purpose – to make the lives of veterans and their families better.With deep gratitude, Dixon Center humbly accepts the trust the Metzger Foundation has placed in our work.

Carolyn and Herbert Metzger

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Supporting Our Partners

“Dixon Center has been a great supporter and partner of Soldier On for over a decade in our shared mission of ending veteran homelessness. We