Moving Maine Veterans Forward

“We deeply appreciate the unwavering support and invaluable knowledge shared by Dixon Center.”

– Serena M. Powell
Executive Director,
Fedcap Maine’s Veterans Forward

Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services is supporting Fedcap Maine’s Veterans Forward. Our President, Retired USMC Colonel Duncan Milne, and our Director of Development, Eileen Greenlay, spent time last month building public awareness, encouraging community involvement and promoting Fedcap Maine’s services for veterans.  

During their Annual Radiothon, while discussing Maine veterans needs and the importance of our Dixon Center/Veterans Forward partnership, we announced a matching gift donation to support Veterans Forward.

Also, we and the Veterans Forward staff collaborated during the 2024 National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV) annual Washington, D.C. conference. We are using these opportunities with Veterans Forward to share innovative solutions and compassionate outreach to veterans and their families in need of Fedcap Maine’s services.

Serena Powell, Fedcap Maine’s Veterans Forward Executive Director, captured the essence of our partnership best when she said, “Dixon Center’s partnership is instrumental in our rapid growth and success, and we are grateful for your continuous dedication and collaboration.”

About Veterans Forward

Veterans Forward provides critical assistance to create a sustainable future for Maine’s veterans, service members and their families. By working with each veteran’s unique needs, Veterans Forward seeks to remove barriers impacting their health, safety, or well-being. Filling in the gaps in care often not provided by other resources, Veterans Forward is proud to serve our veteran community in Maine.

Eileen Greenlay and members of Veterans Forward staff in collaboration.

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