One Year Later Summit Attendees Continue Commitment

One year ago, our team planned and convened a 3-day intense and immersive Vision Summit. The event was designed to inform over 100 influencers, leaders, and major donors that desired to learn more of Dixon Center’s work and plans for expanded operations over the next 5 years.  Today, we celebrate the success of those efforts, Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services increased access to resources and strengthened our financial position ensuring our continued presence as a national organization with staying power. These influencers, leaders, and major donors have shared their experience and knowledge with like-minded friends and colleagues continuing to grow our vast network of support.  Would you like to join and our supporters?  Your generous, tax deductible donation to Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services is simple and quick.  Most importantly it is making a positive difference in the lives of veterans and their families. These generous donors didn’t just make an investment. They are having an impact. And again, thank you to our nearly 2,000 donors.  

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