Preparing for the Future After Serving

The U.S. military has a great reputation for their ability to plan, to deal with uncertainty, and to deal with complex and complicated problems. But when service members return to their communities and make that transition from military service to civilian careers, the challenges can often be overwhelming. In Episode 5, Transitioning Successfully with Brian Niswander, of the Service to Service Before Self podcast, produced by Dixon Center for Military & Veterans Services, we are tackling the uncertainty and the challenges that service members face when reintegrating back into their communities when their military service ends.

Your host, Colonel (Ret.) Sam Whitehurst, welcomes Brian Niswander, an Air Force veteran and a veteran of working at a Fortune 500 company as well as working in the public sector. Brian is also the founder of, an organization that is dedicated to providing information and resources to not only transitioning military members but to military spouses, veterans, and also to employers that want to hire others associated with the military. Their research and analysis deliver unique insights that inform transition decisions for the military community and assist employers that recruit, hire, develop and retain military/veteran talent.

Dixon Center assists organizations like as part of Advancing Impact via Service Network. We build upon this network through programs like Operation Scout: One Source to Success, where we work with program partners so veterans can make their reintegration journey with relevant support unique to their needs.

Service Before Self introduces you to people and programs that are having an impact today; their successes and lessons learned in creating effective programs in which veterans reach their full potential. This is Dixon Center’s goal of collaborating with organizations like, ensuring that veterans and their families thrive after their military service ends. To learn more about Dixon Center’s efforts in assisting veterans in reaching their post-military goals, see the Dixon Center Bugler: Operation Scout: One Source to Success and contact Colonel (Ret.) Sam Whitehurst, VP of Programs & Services, at

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