PsychArmor-A Mutually Supportive Partnership

Core values are the principles and priorities that guide an organization’s actions. They represent the foundational commitments and deeply held beliefs that we capture to solidify the way we, as organizations, think, act, and interact with others.
Recently, we spent a day in San Diego to facilitate a PsychArmor staff development session to navigate complex situations while keeping PsychArmor’s identity and culture at the forefront.

Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services has been cooperating with PsychArmor for years. However, spending a day together moved our relationship to a new level of collaboration. The purpose of the meeting was to discover the leadership characteristics that will best define the essence of what is expected of the staff leadership at PsychArmor.
It was a special day resulting in the identification of the characteristics of great leadership in PsychArmor; and, creating a collective understanding of the need for, and importance of, internal collaboration.
Through education and training, Psych/Armor is transforming the lives of veterans and their families. They are always exploring new ways to create opportunities for veterans and their families and help them Live with Hope.

Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services is proud to be a resource for our partners where we can use our influence, ideas, and actions to assist them in their mission to serve veterans and their families and assisting them in increasing their impact.


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