Reflect and Remember

Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching, and we ask you to please keep in mind the reason for the holiday. Recently, Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services mailed out 700 Memorial Day cards to partners, donors, veterans, and other veteran stakeholders.  Over the Memorial Day remembrance, Dixon Center will be supporting numerous events across the Nation.

What can you do? Share a moment of silence at your family gatherings, at the beach, or wherever you find yourself on this solemn day. Remember those families for whom every day is Memorial Day as they live without those they love. Some other ways to remember and reflect:

  • Visit your local Veterans cemetery and pay your respects. Let us never lose sight of what this day is for.
  • Share your photos and stories of your loved ones on our Dixon Center Facebook wall. We want to help you remember and honor your loved ones this Memorial Day.
  • Join the Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Service Facebook Fundraiser in Memory of the Fallen here.
  • Recognize the sacrifices of those who died in service by making a memorial or honorary tribute.  
  • Plant a tree in honor of a member of your circle of friends or family that made the ultimate sacrifice.

As people start to prepare for the upcoming holiday weekend, please take time to reflect on the generations of men and women who have given everything for the freedoms we enjoy today.


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