Remember Not to Forget

The world changed after the terrorist attacks of 11th September 2001.  Many of our service members and their families saw their realities swept away with the attack.  The era of routine deployments and a reasonably predictable battle rhythm was destroyed and replaced by two decades of intense sacrifice and chaos both on deployment and on the Homefront.

Today, many of our service members were not even born when 9/11 occurred.  They still live in the environment brought forth from the attacks but for many it is a memory shared digitally through news stories every anniversary of the attack. Do you remember where you were on that awful day?

Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services asks you to remember. Remember that day and the actions taken by our brave men and women to counter that threat and ensure that our nation was protected. Our military and first responders amazed the world by their actions and dedication and continue to do so today.
Challenges remain for some of our veterans and family members that struggle with their reintegration into local communities after exposure to the vileness of warfare. Dixon Center works with organizations that provide services in these communities to address the unique challenges facing these veterans and their families.
If you would like to learn more about Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services work with organizations assisting Post 9/11 veterans and their families contact our President, Col. Duncan Milne, USMC(Ret.) at


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