Season 4 of Service Before Self Podcast

“Michael “Mick” Yauger was a friend and mentor to many in the military and veteran community, including me and Secretary Murphy.”  

– Colonel (Ret.) Sam Whitehurst, Vice President, Programs & Services,
Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services

Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services recently kicked off Season 4 of the Service Before Self Podcast with an interview with Robin Kelleher, Co-Founder and CEO of Hope for the Warriors and recipient of the Eugene and Ruth Freedman Leadership Award. If you missed it, you can find it here or at your favorite podcast platform. Like with Robin, every two weeks, throughout Season 4, Dixon Center will be engaging in conversations with individuals and organizations that are making a difference in the lives of veterans and their families. If you want to hear about the hot button issues that are impacting military-connected individuals, or to hear about the most effective ways for engaging and supporting our military and veteran communities, please subscribe to our podcast.

Our next episode drops on March 28 and will feature a conversation with Secretary Patrick J. Murphy, the first Iraq War veteran who served in Congress, former Under Secretary of the Army, Chairman of Task Force Movement, and someone who is making a difference in the lives of veterans and their families.  Secretary Murphy is also this year’s recipient of the Michael “Mick” Yauger Point Man Award.

Listen this Thursday, to hear more about how Mick Yauger shaped leaders in the veteran community, like Secretary Murphy, and to hear Secretary Murphy’s insights and perspective on how to best support veterans and their families.

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“Dixon Center has been a great supporter and partner of Soldier On for over a decade in our shared mission of ending veteran homelessness. We