Service Before Self Ep. 14

Dixon Center for Military & Veterans ServicesService Before Self, a podcast that tackles the evolving needs of veterans and their families, based on the belief that veterans can succeed in the community where they live.

Listen to Challenges Faced by Disabled Veterans with Louis Orslene, Supervisory Policy Advisor in the Office of Disability and Employment Policy (ODEP). ODEP is an agency within Department of Labor that is focused on helping employers and organizations not only support the 4.7 million disabled veterans, but disabled Americans writ large.  

In this episode, your host, Retired Army Colonel Sam Whitehurst, Dixon Center Vice President of Programs & Services, and Mr. Orslene, discuss the policies, programs, and practices that are creating opportunities for those that are disabled and how organizations and communities can more effectively transition those with disabilities, including disabled veterans, into the workforce.

This is an example of Dixon Center’s approach to connecting communities and organizations to resources so that they can better integrate veterans and their families into their existing programs.

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