Service Before Self Podcast Ep. 22

“At Psych/Armor, we want to reduce isolation and increase belonging in our veteran community.”– Tina Atherall, CEO of Psych/Armor

Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services is pleased that we have been working with Psych/Armor, and specifically the Psych/Armor CEO, Tina Atherall.For several months, we have been providing influence, ideas, and actions while partnering with Psych/Armor so other organizations can take advantage of their services.To this end, in Episode 22 of our Service Before Self Podcast, Colonel (Ret.) Sam Whitehurst interviews Tina Atherall.  Tina explains how she has taken her passion for serving the military and veteran community and created an incredible team at Psych/Armor. She shares how they are transforming the way our country engages with the military and veteran community through the power of education and training – including online courses, curricula, podcasts, webinars, live speaking engagements, social media and so much more.Listen to Episode 22 of the Service Before Self Podcast on your favorite podcast platform.

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