Service Before Self Podcast Episode 2

On September 15, 2020 Dixon Center for Military & Veterans Services posted the second episode of Service Before Self, a podcast that tackles the evolving needs of veterans and their families, based on the idea that veterans can succeed in the communities where they live. This podcast will introduce you to people and the programs that are having an impact today; you will hear about their successes and lessons learned in creating effective programs in which veterans and their families reach their full potential.

Retired Army Colonel Sam Whitehurst, your host, the Dixon Center Vice President of Programs & Services, is diving deeply into the needs and challenges veterans and their families go through, as well as into the effective solutions to those challenges.

Listen to Episode 002: Teamsters: Supporting Veterans and Their Families Transitioning to the Civilian Life with James P. Hoffa

In this episode, Sam Whitehurst, presents a program that provides opportunities for a career, not just a job, and the significant difference between these two concepts. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters helps transition and provides service members, veterans, and military spouses with additional skills and training, that when combined with their military experience, makes them extremely competitive for careers that provide work with purpose; work that you can build a future around.

James P. Hoffa is the general president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the strongest, most powerful voice in North America for working families. Under Hoffa’s leadership, the Teamsters Union is winning industry-leading contracts, engaging in vigorous contract enforcement, and organizing the unorganized. The Teamsters have a long history of supporting veterans and their families that stretches back to World War I. Support that is built around the concept of meaningful wages, access to affordable healthcare, and benefits that lead to a prosperous future.

This is the underlying philosophy of Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services Operation Workforce Development. Working nationally and locally we are collaborating to create a pathway to family-wage careers with full benefits for veterans and their families. For us, and for our partners like General President Hoffa and Teamsters Military Assistance Program; it’s more than finding a job for veterans—it’s about careers that provide work with purpose and ensuring that veterans and their families succeed in the communities where they live. 

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