The Fedcap Group Financial and Programmatic Results for FY 2021 Demonstrate Effective Implementation and Strong Financial Performance

On Thursday, December 16, The Fedcap Group reported its operating and financial results for fiscal year 2021 ended September 30, 2021. These biannual presentations provide our investors including donor and funders, supply chain and other key stakeholders with regular and timely disclosures about financial and operational performance, mission-related impact, and trends and challenges for The Fedcap Group, while underscoring our commitment to fiscal transparency. View the press release.
Highlights from a very successful year—include double digit revenue growth reflecting both organic and acquisition growth, contract awards exceeding $435 million, an expanded international footprint, and the acquisition of Civic Hall, a high profile and innovative provider of advanced technology training solutions.

Year-on-year revenue growth of 23% in fiscal 2021 was led by full year contributions from our large Canadian workforce development contract and from our FY 202 acquisition of APEX Technical School, a New York City institution having graduated over 40,000 people as plumbers, electricians and other high-demand trades. Additionally, we ramped up our substantial new contract in the UK, valued at $267 million, to provide support for people who are unemployed as a direct impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Christine McMahon, CEO of The Fedcap Group
Other highlights include the employment of over 1,500 people in our commercial business operations, most of whom have disabilities or other barriers; provided functional capacity assessments, employment readiness training, vocational evaluations, and wellness services to over 40,000 people; placed 13,100 people in jobs, along with follow-on job retention services, provided services to 10,000 children ages 0-8, and launched the Greenleaf Neurodiversity Community Center in Austin, Texas, an innovative public-private partnership that serves young people with autism who are transitioning to adulthood. Looking ahead, The Fedcap Group plans to launch an innovative digital training center leveraging the assets of both Apex and Civic Hall. This 80,000-square-foot digital training center will address the re-skilling and up-skilling of workers, supplying a trained workforce to meet the demand of our transforming economy and job landscape. And to gain a higher education platform, the agency recently announced a strategic partnership with Paul Smith’s College, located in Upstate New York. The college serves approximately 1,000 students a year, over 46 percent of whom are the first in their families to attend college.

I could not be prouder of The Fedcap Group leadership and staff who have worked diligently to bring our essential services to the at-risk populations we serve. This is an indication of the strong culture that unites us and enables us to continue to make a significant impact on the lives of people with barriers to economic wellbeing in 22 states and Canada, Scotland and England