The Muster: Dixon Center Blog

A muster in the military is an assembly of troops, particularly for inspection. Here at Dixon Center we have weekly musters to gather our team together to discuss important projects, generate new ideas, and check in. This “muster” mentality is also at the very heart of our mission; engaging organizations and communities together to better connect with veterans and military families seeking meaningful employment, education, housing, and overall wellness.

This idea spawned our newest communications medium, our online blog, The Muster. This blog is intended as a space to share our new projects, our thoughts on leadership in our communities, our ongoing efforts to enable our partners and network, and more about Dixon Center and our team with you, our partners, our veterans and your families. As Dixon Center grows, we never lose sight of our mission to reach and lift up our nation’s service members, veterans, and their families. As a hub for ideas, we seek to provide and promote thought leadership throughout our growing network of strategic partners who continue to serve these populations. The Muster will be filled with useful information regarding these resources.

Ours is a recognized and visible network and voice for military and veteran services. Dixon Center has reached more than 700 communities and over one million veterans and military families across all 50 states since our genesis in 2010. In partnership with our network, we bring together people, resources, and expertise to transform lives.

Chairman, Retired US Army Colonel David Sutherland named Dixon Center in recognition of Army Staff Sergeant Donnie Dixon, killed while on patrol in Iraq. SSG Dixon’s sacrifices and those of the wife and children he left behind embody the Army motto, “This We’ll Defend,” a creed that powers our efforts to support all our nation’s veterans. Our team is comprised of individuals who have served or who personally understand the commitment and sacrifice of those who do and their families. We understand, through these experiences and from our many encounters and conversations with veterans across the county, the challenges associated with supporting families during service as well as transitioning to civilian living following military separation. We appreciate the various obstacles all veterans must overcome to find meaningful employment after service, continuing education to increase their access to challenging careers, overall health and wellness, and stable, clean, and comfortable housing.

Dixon Center, along with our parent organization, Fedcap, will continue to seek opportunities though our partnerships and network to best serve our nation’s service members, veterans, and their families so they may succeed in the communities where they live. We hope you will connect with us in those efforts.

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