UWUA’s 32nd Constitutional Convention

At the Utility Workers Union of America’s 32nd Constitutional Convention from 26-29 July,    Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services, a valued partner of the UWUA, engaged with hundreds of UWUA leaders and members from union organizations across the country. Along with our partners, Breakthrough 22 and EMB Consulting, both on the convention floor and our booth, we shared innovative strategies on how to best integrate veterans and their families into the UWUA’s program, organizations, and their communities. We also reconnected and strengthened our relationship with the UWUA’s Veteran Committee, successfully advocated for a veteran-focused resolution, and forged new relationships with Power4America, Union Sportsman Association, Guide Dogs of America, Veterans Archives, and many other organizations.One of the highlights for us during the three days was the presentation by Dixon Center that inspired and motivated the audience on the importance of veterans inclusion, and member leadership as essential elements of the UWUA’s continued growth and success.

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