Veterans Day

Join us this Veterans Day by reflecting on the service, and celebrating the achievements, of our Nation’s veterans. At Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services we recognize that many of the freedoms and values we may take for granted come from the service and commitment of our veterans and military families.

We believe our veterans and military families can succeed where they live. We also believe that every organization and individual can effectively integrate veterans and their families into their existing community-based programs. Our mission is to ensure both values are possible in every community.

This Veterans Day here are three things you can do:

– If you know of a local organization employing, training or providing direct services in your community, encourage them to include veterans and their families

– Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram

– Visit our website at and learn more about our work.

Here is an even better idea. If you know a veteran, reach out and have a real conversation with him or her. Veterans Day is an opportunity to get to know a remarkable group of people.

No matter what you do this Veterans Day it is a day of celebration and reflection so enjoy it.