Well Done Is Better Than Well Said

This country has a long history of men and women making sacrifices for our freedom.

As we celebrate our freedom and our county’s independence this holiday with our families, we especially appreciate how actions across the country are enhancing the independence of those touched by military service. 

Independence is not driven by words but by actions. 

It is in our DNA as a country, an attitude across the nation, to want to assist those individuals who have served in uniform and their families. In the past few months we’ve seen this Sea of Goodwill in action. Soldier On kicking off new affordable housing for veterans in Massachusettes. Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinatti celebrating their service to 4,000 veterans and expanding direct services and facilities. The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans expanding their collaborative training, and Bob Woodruff Foundation Got Your 6 training and education.

So this July 4th, please go beyond what you might usually do and get to know our veterans and their families through action. A little creativity and an inquisitive mind will turn up lots of opportunities to put your talents to good use.

For example, if you don’t support a food bank, would you consider doing so? It would mean a lot for veterans, spouses and children facing food insecurities. 

Your generous, tax-deductible, memorial or honorary tribute donation to Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services will make a positive difference in the lives of veterans and their families.  Don’t just make an investment. Have an impact.

In New England, our partners, Soldier On are building more affordable housing and outreach to veterans at risk of homelessness. Their outreach coordinators travel to the client, responding to needs while being unencumbered by office hours or locations. Donate so they can have the gas to travel.

We will pledge this to you. If you extend your thanks by taking some action, you will become an honorary member of a special network of people – then we can thank you for your service.