Women Veterans Emergency
Financial Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

The woman veteran must be living and must be the one to apply. The program is available to assist with expenses of the woman veteran herself, the woman veteran’s spouse, the caregiver of a woman veterans, of the veteran’s child(ren).

In order for the application packet to be processed, we will need the completely filled out application that you can download from this website as well as a copy of the female veteran’s DD214/DD215. As you move through the program, other items may be requested, such as a copy of the actual bill(s) or invoice(s) that you would like us to consider; a W-9 from the organization you are requesting assistance with; bank statements; credit card statements; and, if rent- or mortgage-related, a lease or mortgage agreement. These items may be necessary to proceed through the program, so upon hearing from Dixon Center, you may want to begin gathering them.

We will review your application within 5 business days and will get back in touch with you within that time-frame to determine if you qualify for the program. The resolution to your situation, be it through referrals or direct financial assistance, will take longer, but please be assured that you will at least hear from us within 5 business days.

Applications must be scanned and emailed to femalevets@dixoncenter.org.  PLEASE DO NOT MAIL YOUR APPLICATION.  It will take much longer to process it if you do this.

Please do not send ANY photos of applications as they are hard to read.  We do not have a fax machine.  If you do not have a scanner at home or at work, we suggest checking your local library or other business that provides these services.

We have very limited funding so we have very specific criteria for what we can provide grants for. Below are examples of things we can fund.

Food (no alcohol, no tobacco or nicotine products)

Housing (mortgage, rent, or security deposit) if you do not qualify for SSVF (Supportive Services for Veterans Families)


Work-related Clothing (i.e. uniforms)

Infant Supplies

Gas or Insurance for Vehicle

Vehicle Repair to Support Employment

Training/Classes Required for Certification for Employment on a case by case basis.

If unemployed, the woman veteran must actively be seeking employment and not solely relying on grants and funds from organizations to survive.

A request for funds will be considered on a case by case basis as we understand each situation is unique. Whether at our organization or a referral organization, funds are limited, so please only ask for what you absolutely need immediate assistance with. PLEASE NOTE: Use of funds for alcohol, tobacco, nicotine products, and/or cable TV is prohibited.

If you are approved for direct financial assistance, a gift card or voucher will be issued for items such as food or gas. For infant supplies, you may be asked for the closest national retail store (i.e., Walmart or Target) so that we can order the items online and have them shipped to you.

We hope that you only need to apply for assistance once. However, we are happy to assist with referrals if trouble should arise again. Direct financial assistance is considered a one-time grant, and you will not be eligible for funds from us again.  We will however see if we can find someone else who can assist you.

If you have any additional questions about the application process, or have concerns about the program please contact Sara Heidenheimer at:


Please be patient as we have a high application rate.

*Please Submit All Applications to FemaleVets@dixoncenter.org.  We do not have a fax machine.  Thank you.

* Download Application