Women Veterans

Through Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services’ Women Veterans Program, we focus on recognizing the unique challenges that women veterans face and we connect women veterans to potential sources of emergency financial assistance to assist with expenses associated with housing and employment.

As an element of one of our five focus areas, Wellness Research and Development , Operation Assisting Women Veterans is Dixon Center’s program supporting women veterans with practical, financial, and wellness needs for those in crisis as they reintegrate into civilian life

There are nearly 2 million living women veterans and they are the fastest-growing group in the veteran population, yet many do not identify themselves as veterans or use their VA benefits. Women veterans shoulder a double dilemma. First, they face all the same problems as their male counterparts when re-entering civilian life, including getting and keeping a job, accessing medical care and finding affordable housing. In addition, women face extra challenges, from finding affordable childcare to simply feeling comfortable with their identities as veterans in society.

We believe that the best resources for finding solutions to the challenges that veterans and their families face are found in their local communities. We will work actively with you to connect you to those resources. Once we have exhausted all other means of support, we will consider you for a one-time grant of direct financial assistance if you are at imminent risk of homelessness or lack of employment.

You can learn more about the challenges transitioning veterans face, as well as our work with partners, who, with our ongoing support, integrate women veterans into their existing programs, during our podcast, Service Before SelfEpisode 009: Enabling Success for All Veterans with John Lowry

In this episode Dixon Center VP of Programs and Services, Colonel (Ret.) Sam Whitehurst, your host, is joined by Mr. John Lowry. Mr. Lowry is the former Assistant Secretary of Labor for Veteran Employment and Training Services. He is a Marine Corps veteran and has served more than 15 years on active duty and an additional 10 years in the Marine Corps Reserve. He has worked extensively and successfully in the private sector.

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