Workforce Development & Career Placement

To ensure that veterans and families succeed where they live, Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services provides and coordinates technical assistance/training, resource sharing, and strong leadership to our partners, who, with our ongoing support, operate direct service programs. Our work encompasses a broad swath, at the local and national level, from workforce development and housing solutions to wellness research and development, expanding funding streams for veteran entrepreneurs, and advancing impact via service networks.

Workforce Development and Career Placement is often the catalyst that drives progress toward ensuring that veterans and their families reach their full potential and leads to positive outcomes in other areas such as housing and wellness. The following is a brief update on Dixon Center’s recent work and future initiatives in this area.

Dixon Center and AFL-CIO Union Veterans Council signed a strategic agreement committing each other to further collaboration and expanding opportunities for veterans and their families in the building trades, including women veterans and veterans of color. This partnership is already creating opportunities to integrate veterans into existing programs in southern California—providing them a pathway into the middle class.

Dixon Center, with the American Legion and other partners, released “The Future of Credentialing for Service Members and Veterans.” This groundbreaking report has captured best practices and proven models to increase access to credentials for service members, military spouses, and veterans. Dixon Center was able to play a leading role in the development of the report and continues to participate in follow-on discussions.

Dixon Center visited the Seafarers International Union (SIU) Paul Hall Center for Maritime Education and Training in Piney Point, Maryland with a team from our partners in Department of Labor, Veterans Employment Training Services (VETS). This program is creating pathways to high-paying careers for veterans in the maritime industry. Explored ways to expand this transformational program and reach more transitioning service members and veterans. 

Teammates in Creating Solutions for Veterans and their Families.
Ivan Denton, Director, Veteran Employment Programs, Department of Labor-VETS; James Rodriguez, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy, Department of Labor-VETS, Sam Whitehurst, Vice President, Programs & Services, Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services. August 14, 2021

Dixon Center led a discussion on the role that non-profits and community-based organizations play in creating holistic solutions for veterans and their families to workforce development leaders in both Chicago and Illinois at the Military Workforce Initiatives Summit: Advanced Partnering Opportunities for City and State Affiliates.

This is a snapshot of what is possible through collaboration with federal and state agencies, private-sector partners, organized labor, community-based organizations, and other non-profits. The end result of this collaboration are veterans and their families who successfully reintegrate into their communities. If you want to join in this inspiring work and explore what is possible, contact Colonel (USA, Ret.) Sam Whitehurst, Vice President, Programs & Services, at

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