Working Together for Our Veterans

At Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services we work with thousands of organizations and individuals nationwide who assist with our noble purpose of making the lives of our veterans and their families better.
One of the most impactful organizations we work with is our very own, The Fedcap Group, and its array of top-tier nonprofit agencies dedicated to advancing the economic well-being of people with barriers. Dixon Center works every day with the companies of The Fedcap Group to help them integrate veterans and their families into their vast offering of capabilities focused on knocking down economic barriers.

Just recently we focused efforts on helping Fedcap Serving Maine stand up their new organization, Veterans Forward, an organization designed to provide critical assistance to create a sustainable future for Maine’s veterans, service members and their families.
Dixon Center continues to work with Community Work Services to assist in the integration of veterans of the Boston area into their programs so that veterans may gain a level of economic security and opportunity.
These are just a few examples of how Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services works across The Fedcap Group to ensure that veterans and their families can succeed in the communities where they live.  If you would like to learn more about our work within The Fedcap Group or with other organizations across the nation, contact our President, Retired Marine Colonel, Duncan S. Milne at

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