10 Amazing Years

Tomorrow, Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services will celebrate 10 years of impact.This is an exciting time for our team. It is the opportunity to double-down on our noble purpose: to make the lives of our veterans and their families better. 

This is the chance to build upon the success across our 3 pillars, 13 programs, and 356 projects over the past 10 years and to recommit ourselves.

Our Commitment:

  • We Listen – We know that the needs of our veterans are evolving, not disappearing
  • We Collaborate – We believe that every organization and individual can effectively integrate veterans and their families into their existing community-based programs.
  • We Adapt – We know that every veteran, military member, and their families are unique, and we respect and honor their differences by remaining flexible in our response.
  • We Respond – We work with other to develop and deploy solutions before problems become and crisis.
  • We Persevere – We know the importance of never giving up on our veterans and their families to ensure they reach their full potential.
  • We are Transparent – We are disciplined in our fiscal responsibility, with regular disclosures about financial and operational performance and impact.

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