Recurring Donations

Recurring Donations

The past year of an unpredictable global pandemic has given Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services the opportunity to reflect on our work. Recognizing that programs and services, as well as funding streams, must be agile and able to respond to the evolving needs of our countries most vulnerable individuals has been reinforced as one of our greatest assets. Hear from our Chairman, Colonel David Sutherland, U.S. Army (ret.) on Dixon Center becoming the “Point of Choice“.

While some needs can be anticipated others require a nimble response. In our 2020 Annual Impact Report “Anticipate, Respond, Collaborate, Build, Thrive“; we reflect on how Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services has pivoted and met the needs of our veterans, military families and along with our many partners.

Major donations, corporate partners, foundations, and individual donations all constitute and diversify our revenue. One of our most stable funding streams come from our recurring donors. These are the donors that have committed to faithfully make a monthly or quarterly donation to Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services. This steady income stream lends itself to predictability and allows for a degree of reliability. The reasons for giving monthly can vary; some individuals want to show loyalty to their fellow veterans, others see it as an opportunity to service and give back to those that have worn the uniform when they have not, some like the option to be able to “budget” their charitable giving throughout the year, rather than donating through a one-time year-end gift.

One of our longest standing recurring donors, Noritza Perito has this to say: “Hearing Colonel Sutherland recite the Warrior Ethos when he’s up on stage; his poise, grace and melodious words reverberate through your soul and leave a profound footprint on your very being. As Colonel Sutherland recounts the ugliness of war; memorializing the story of Donnie Dixon leaves you inspired and breathless no matter how many times you hear it. My donation to the Dixon Center (although pale in comparison to the selflessness of a warrior) and all that Colonel Sutherland represents, is simply a way to give back and show my everlasting appreciation to all (past, present, future,) who serve.”

No matter what may be your reason for giving, we encourage you to become a recurring donor and join us in our work of supporting veterans, military families, and families of the fallen. Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services is a company under The Fedcap Group, a 501c3 organization, and your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Donations can be made online at and can be set up as a recurring debit or credit card deduction. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Vanessa Stergios, Director of Development at

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