2023 Annual Impact Report Release

“Reaching America.”– 2023 Annual Report Theme

Today, Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services released the 2023 Annual Report.Download Dixon Center 2023 Annual ReportThis report tells the story of our approach and impact. The 2023 Annual Report shares descriptions and impact across our three pillars, and thirteen programs by using examples of the eighty projects executed in 2023.Based on the evolving needs of our veterans and their families – our tagline since our founding – Reaching America became our 2023 theme.We are Reaching America. Creating synergies between like-minded organizations, expanding programmatic reach, building capacity, all while serving as a resource hub for organizations and individuals seeking to integrate veterans and their families.As our Chair, David Sutherland, said about the report, “Dixon Center is offering the right mix of expertise to assist organizations of all dimensions, sectors and geographies; staying true to our values and culture while achieving their purpose, making the lives of veterans and their families better.”

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