Achieving Dixon Center’s Goals

One of Dixon Center’s goals is developing, designing, and delivering relevant, objective, and trusted expertise to assist organizations so they can find and focus on veterans and their families in employment, education, wellness, and housing. While the pandemic has presented challenges in achieving this goal, it has also created opportunities for Dixon Center and our partners to interact with the individuals and communities we serve in unique and innovative ways.

For example, recently Dixon Center presented at the National Association of State Workforce Agencies Annual Conference to raise awareness about the challenges that military caregivers face. We were able to connect to over 1,100 state workforce professionals during this virtual conference; this would not have been possible at a “in-person” conference.

In this calendar year alone, a sample of some of the organizations we have worked with in the areas of employment, education, wellness, and housing: Teamsters Military Assistance Program, AFL-CIO Union Veterans Council, ConsenSys Health, Hope For The Warriors, Yellow Ribbon Network, University of Chicago, American Legion, Clear2Connect Coalition, Utility Workers Military Assistance Program, Toxic Exposures in the American Military (TEAM) Coalition, National Association of State Workforce Agencies, Easter Seals Greater Houston, Burn Pits 360, Single Stop, University of Pittsburgh Center for Military Medical Research, ABF Freight, U.S. Army, and MVLE.

Through innovation, agility, courage, and concerted effort, these organizations have been able to pivot their programs to address the evolving needs of our veterans and families and also ensure those needs don’t begin to devolve due to the pandemic.

We’ve learned over the course of the pandemic, that much of the work we have had success with over the last decade is once again is coming to the forefront. Under/unemployment, homelessness, wellness, and other challenges loom on the horizon. But we have an opportunity to have a ‘do-over’ on the way we approached those challenges previously. For example, instead of just cranking out large numbers of jobs, we can focus on careers, and careers that are resilient regardless of external challenges.

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