Enabling the Enablers

Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services is enabling the enablers. One of our goals for the past eight years is to leverage & strengthen the Center’s network of partners, supporters, and community-based programs serving veterans and their families.

In 2020, Dixon Center has been working, despite the pandemic, to increase brand awareness, engagement, philanthropy and program impact of our national network of community-based partners. Many of these are service providers, who with our help, are now including veterans and their families in their direct-service programs. Most of this work has been in workforce development and career placement, affordable housing, and financial, emotional & physical well-being.

As a Center of Excellence, we are leveraging our communications and marketing reach to showcase the work of others. Case in point is the production of our podcast series, Service Before Self.

We are using this podcast to build public awareness, encourage community involvement and promote community-based services. These biweekly broadcasts are addressing the evolving needs and solutions improving the quality of life of veterans and their families, the leaders who are creating impact, the innovative ideas, and philanthropic change agents.

Since October 2019, via multiple mediums every week, Dixon Center has promoted and increased the collaboration of over 300 organizations and individuals now serving veterans. Much of our communications and marketing strategy includes webinars, virtual panel discussions, conferences, convenings, collaborative video conferences, blogs, movie screenings and now podcasts. We also utilize social media and host receptions and award ceremonies. These partner organizations come from all sectors of society including business and industry, direct service wellness providers, training institutions, philanthropists, faith based organizations, and nonprofits that we have helped develop and operate direct service programs for veterans and their families.

We have more to do. Yet the fact is that we continue to validate our founding premise, we are much stronger together than apart. Dixon Center’s approach to breaking down barriers and making connections works. Since 2012, our collaboration and capacity building has impacted nearly 1.7 million individuals and organizations at the end of 2019. As we prepare to end the 2020 Fiscal Year watch for our operating highlights which are part of The Fedcap Group’s comprehensive financial statement package. Based on audited financial statements ending September 30, 2019, 86% of Fedcap’s total expenditures went directly toward programming.

Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services is a subsidiary of The Fedcap Group, a global network of top-tier nonprofit agencies. The Fedcap Group serves as the fiscal agent for Dixon Center and as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The Fedcap Group is committed to promoting transparency and integrity in our fiscal practice and we are proud of its GuideStar recognition with the 2019 Silver Seal of Transparency.

For more information about The Fedcap Group or Dixon Center, please contact Duncan Milne, President, dmilne@dixoncenter.org.