Arlington National Cemetery Visit

On 12 December, Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services toured Arlington National Cemetery.

Fourteen of our leaders participated in a walking tour of our nation’s most hallowed ground. Throughout the day, our group paid tribute to those who served and sacrificed—leaders who set standards and our culture that today’s military still recognizes.

From four stars to privates as well as sites including the resting place of James Parks, a masonry vault containing the remains of 2,111 soldiers gathered from the fields of Bull Run (Manassas, VA) and the route to the Rappahannock River, Robert Todd Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and individuals we served with on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan…and so many more.

As always, it is a chance for reflection and humility. Our group also had the opportunity to visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Sentinels and participate in a wreath laying ceremony.

This leadership tour of Arlington National Cemetery becomes cherished moments. As Dixon Center Co-Founder, Daniel Forrester, said, “It was a day I will never forget.” A Dixon Center Command Council Member said, “Such a unique and thought-provoking opportunity.”

The purpose of this tour is to not only pay homage to those individuals resting there but also to link experiences from the past to current day behaviors and principles – ultimately, helping to shape and develop leaders.


We shared reflections from this special day that will hold true for years to come:

  • Inspiring others to action
  • Individual and team success
  • Leading by example
  • Relationships and trust
  • Indirect Versus Direct Leadership
  • Recognizing others and their contributions
  • Innovation from below
  • Tyranny of the Mundane

The lessons we have learned from those who came before us are still alive today.