Congratulations to Our Annual Awardees

“These leaders are making a positive difference on a daily basis.”

– David Sutherland,
Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services 

On 12 December Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services recognized organizations and individuals working to enhance the lives of veterans and their families. 

Eugene & Ruth Freedman Leadership Award 

The award is named in honor of Eugene and Ruth Freedman, whose lifetime of philanthropy continues through their family foundation and their three children, Penny Freedman, Nancy Remak and Rick Freedman. 

This year’s recipient, Hope for the Warriors, received the Freedman Award for award in recognition of the organization’s commitment to addressing the well-being of veterans and military families. Hope CEO/Co-Founder, Robin Kelleher said, “I love what I do and my staff loves what they do, and we are in partnership with Dixon Center.” 

Herbert & Carolyn Metzger Service Award 

Herb and Carolyn Metzger epitomized service and purpose in one’s community. This week, hundreds of people joined us as we presented the Metzger Award to US Army Veteran and Registered Nurse with the Coatesville VA, Jennifer Grubb. 

Jennifer’s leadership has made her community and our nation a better place, and she is a vocal advocate for veterans and their families.  

Dixon Center Chair, David Sutherland claims, “Jenn makes us all want to be more and want to do more. She is enthusiastic because improving the lives of veterans is in her soul.” 

Michael “Mick” Yauger Point Man Award 

The Honorable Patrick J. Murphy is Chair of Task Force Movement. He has served our nation in one role after another—as a soldier, as America’s first Iraq War veteran elected to the U.S. Congress, and as the 32nd Under Secretary of the Army. Today, as an entrepreneur and advocate, Patrick harnesses the power of the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to help veterans find jobs, start businesses, and secure quality health care and mental health services.  

In an Army formation on patrol, the point man takes responsibility for others and assists them as they move through challenging terrain. This award, named for the role and responsibilities displayed by Mick Yauger, recognizes the recipient’s forward leadership in supporting others through challenging times and/or transitions.  

According to Dixon Center Vice President Colonel Sam Whitehurst, “Bottom line: Secretary Murphy epitomizes the character, skills, knowledge and abilities that Mick Yauger spoke of when he discussed the Point Man in an Army formation.” 

Lou Lowenkron Commitment to Veterans Excellence Award