Donor Advised Funds and Legacy Giving

Family legacies are created in several ways, some are found in our genetic traits, some are learned behaviors and beliefs, and some are modeled signs of true character. Creating and developing family patterns of giving to charity is an opportunity to take a chosen passion and turn it into a legacy; by giving to Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services, you can give back to those who have given in service and sacrifice by helping them succeed where they live.

One approach in determining your planned giving, during your lifetime is by creating a Donor Advised Fund (DAF). Versatile, cost-effective and time efficient, DAF’s are one of the fastest-growing charitable options currently available because they are easy to set up and provide one of the most tax-advantageous ways to give to charity.

A Donor Advised Fund is like a charitable investment account, for the sole purpose of supporting charitable organizations you care about. When you contribute cash, securities, or other assets to a donor-advised fund you are generally eligible to take an immediate tax deduction. Then those funds can be invested for tax-free growth and you can recommend grants to Dixon Center, as an IRS-qualified public charity as part of Fedcap Rehabilitation Services, Inc. (EIN 13-5645879) at any time.

Donor Advised Funds are typically easy to set up and with little start up costs and minimal administrative fees. Another advantage to setting up a DAF while you are living is that you have an opportunity to create a lasting legacy through your estate planning. DAFs can be opened by individuals, families, companies, trusts, and estates. That individual or entity, as the primary advisor can recommend grants, as well as suggest investment strategies, and name secondary or successor advisors. By naming secondary or joint advisors, individuals can inform their successors on how and why they are passionate about their cause and create a plan to establish a legacy in perpetuity.

At Dixon Center we have several donors that give through their Donor Advised Funds. One such legacy donor to Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services has gifted us the opportunity to create and find opportunities to showcase our work and impact to potential new partners and veteran passionate donors. The donor’s wishes were carried out by their estate through the language set up prior to their death and the directives named Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services as their beneficiary.

Like with all charitable deductions for a tax year, DAF contributions need to be received by the end of the year. Since different types of assets take different amounts of time to be transferred, give yourself plenty of time to initiate your transactions. You should always consult with a financial, tax or legal advisor when setting up any DAF, trust or other deferred gift.

For information on how to include Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services in your DAF or estate planning, please contact Vanessa Stergios our Director of Development at learn more about our work supporting veterans and military families across the nation, visit

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