Easter Seals Greater Houston’s Texas Veterans + Family Alliance Grant Program

“Dixon Center’s ideas and leadership have been key to increasing the impact of the organizations that are part of the Texas Veteran + Family Alliance Easter Seals Greater Houston Collaborative.”    – Elise Hough, CEO, Easter Seals Greater Houston

On August 22, Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services hosted the annual convening for the Texas Veteran + Family Alliance Grant Program for Easter Seals Greater Houston. With our partners, Combined Arms and Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, we planned, led, and facilitated discussions focused on sharing best practices and overcoming obstacles, organized and coordinated training for the 11 grantees of the program, and created a platform for the different organizations to share their experiences over the last year in order to make the program stronger and more effective in the next grant cycle.

Through our extensive network of organizations and communities, we exposed the Texas Veteran + Family Alliance grantees to emerging research and practices that will improve how these organizations provide services to veterans and their families throughout the Gulf Coast of Texas, an area that includes over 200,000 veterans.

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