The Fedcap Group: Making the Lives of Veterans Better

Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services is a member of The Fedcap Group which was founded in 1935 by three World War I veterans. Our goal is, and always will be, to assist the partner companies integrate veterans and their families into their existing direct-service programs. Specifically, over the summer we worked with Civic Hall in New York City on veterans inclusion; we had meetings with The Fedcap Group staff on awareness and community outreach programs for veterans as well as coordinating Dixon Center’s participation in the 27 November Fedcap Group Gala in NYC; we met with Fedcap Serving Maine’s Veterans Forward to share actions for development and outreach; and lastly, we continue to focus on introducing Single Stop to outside partners serving veterans in multiple states.   Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services is proud to be a resource for all of the 20 Fedcap Group top-tier nonprofit companies

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