iHeart, Latrese, Mangum, and NGS Recognized

On 13 December Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services recognized organizations and individuals working to enhance the well-being of veterans and military families.

Eugene & Ruth Freedman Leadership AwardThe award is named in honor of Eugene and Ruth Freedman, whose lifetime of philanthropy continues through their family foundation and their three children, Penny Freedman, Nancy Remak and Rick Freedman.

This year’s recipient, iHeartMedia, Inc., received the Freedman Award for the iHeartRadio Show Your Stripes program and iHeart’s commitment to addressing the well-being of veterans and military families.

John Sykes, President of Entertainment Enterprises for iHeartMedia, said, “I am so proud to work alongside colleagues who are passionate about supporting our nation’s heroes.”

Herbert & Carolyn Metzger Service AwardHerb and Carolyn Metzger epitomized service and purpose in one’s community. In the presence of friends, families, and passionate supporters, we presented the Metzger Award to Dixon Center Command Council member and Gold Star Wife, Latrese Dixon.

Latrese’s leadership has made her local community and our nation a better place, and she has made the work of Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services more impactful over the past nearly 11 years.

According to Dixon Center President, Duncan Milne, “Latrese understands that life experiences make us stronger and she is using her strength to make the world a better place for her family, her neighbors and her community.”

Michael “Mick” Yauger Point Man AwardRetired US Army Staff Sergeant Leon Mangum is currently an active member in the Veteran community of Chicago and a role model for young people in his community via JROTC at Foreman College and Career Academy.

Mr. Mangum is the past Director of the Allen J Lynch Medal of Honor Veterans Assistance Program, which provided support to Veterans during hardship leading towards homelessness. Leon received this award in recognition of his leadership in career development and continuing education for veterans and their children. 

In an Army formation on patrol, the point man takes responsibility for others and assists them as they move through challenging terrain.

This award, named for that role and responsibilities and in honor of Mick Yauger, recognizes the recipient’s forward leadership in supporting others through challenging times and/or transitions.

According to Dixon Center Vice President Colonel Sam Whitehurst, “Bottom line: Leon epitomizes the character, skills, knowledge and abilities that Mick Yauger spoke of when he discussed the Point Man in an Army formation.”

Lou Lowenkron Commitment to Veterans Excellence AwardPresented annually by Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services, the Lou Lowenkron Commitment to Veterans Excellence Award recognizes an individual or organization for their support of veterans and their families in higher education, certification, licensing, or training.

The 2022 Lowenkron Award is presented to No Greater Sacrifice (NGS).NGS is dedicated to the children of our nation’s fallen and wounded Service members delivering scholarships and resources to improve their quality of life through the pursuit of higher education. Over the years NGS has committed more than $14 million in post-high school education benefits. 

“More important to me than the scholarships is the fact that NGS meets our children where they are – and accompanies them on their journey,” said Chairman David Sutherland.

We congratulate all honorees and thank them for their efforts to assist veterans and military families succeed where they live.

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