May 2021 Financial Recap

During the month of May, two things took place that motivated our Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services donors.

First, our parent organization, The Fedcap Group, on Wednesday, May 19th released its FY21 First-Half Financial and Operating Results. This effort, conducted twice a year, provides stakeholders with regular and timely disclosures about financial and operational performance, mission-related impact, and trends and challenges for The Fedcap Group.

This is important because Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services is a member of The Fedcap Group, a global network of top-tier nonprofit agencies. The Fedcap Group serves as the fiscal agent for Dixon Center and as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and provides our back-office support. This includes human resources, finance and accounting, legal services, information technology and many other functions.

The Fedcap Group is committed to promoting transparency and integrity in its fiscal practice. We are proud of our GuideStar recognition with the 2021 Gold Seal of Transparency and the audited financial statements ending September 30, 2019, 88% of Fedcap’s total expenditures went directly toward programming. This demonstrates that The Fedcap Group is an effective steward of its resources.

Second, during the month of May, our individuals donors were inspired by Memorial Day Weekend. To this end, leading up to Memorial Day and through the weekend Dixon Center experienced an increase of 3.27% in individual donation and nearly 80% were made in memory or honor of a loved one, veteran or a family member touched by military service.

We are sharing this recap of May 2021 donations because the Sea of Goodwill is alive and well. Donors want transparency and they want to ensure their gifts are making an impact. They recognize Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services’ noble purpose to make the lives of our veterans and their families better and they value our approach. As a Center we are providing influence, sharing ideas and building & sustaining actions that organizations use to impact veterans.

If you would like to learn more about how your gift will make an impact, please contact Vanessa Stergios our Director of Development at

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