Robert J. McCann Program Impact Assessment Fellow

“Working with Dixon Center opened my eyes to the many issues that impact servicemembers during their transition from military service and after.”– United States Army Retired Colonel,Kaname “Kenny” Kuniyuki

United States Army Retired Colonel Kaname “Kenny” Kuniyuki serves as the Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services Robert J. McCann Program Impact Assessment Fellow.Kenny has been critical over the past year on five projects: 

  1. Assessing our assistance offered to organizations, individuals and communities.
  2. Analyzing our Women Veterans Emergency Financial Assistance geographic impact.
  3. Supporting the development of strategic planning and priorities.
  4. Applying data and attribution to proposals.
  5. Programs analysis for greatest impact based on veteran evolving needs.

The Robert J. McCann Program and Impact Assessment Fellowship is named in honor of Robert J. McCann (March 20, 1926  –  November 29, 2022), a World War II Navy veteran. Mr. McCann was a native of Pittsburgh, PA who raised two sons and was a lifelong advocate for our nation’s veterans and their families.Kenny is exceeding our expectations in his fellowship, applying research focusing on the evolving needs and solutions impacting veterans and their families quality of life.

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